Meeting Minutes // March 4, 2020

  • President Samantha Glass started off by talking about the Health Panel that is on March 27th. (Held in the dining room of the castle). For food, we decided on fruit and cheese trays from Sams club and a chicken tender tray from Metz. We also decided to compile questions for the Health Panel. Samantha will create a document and put it in the shared drive.

ACTION ITEM: Chris will pick up the trays and place the order.

  • Abbey reiterated that we need blog posts and content for the PRSSA website.

ACTION ITEM:  Samantha will write about the coronavirus and ask someone to film the Health Panel.

  • Graduation cords are in, must be a PRSSA member to receive one. PRSSA apparel and business cards were discussed.

ACTION ITEM: Chris will get prices for items.

  • Samantha will email Steve Ryan to ask if he can attend the PR Practicum class on the 15th or 22nd. We are also interested in Tony DeFazio attending at some point.

ACTION ITEM: Samantha will email Tony.

  • Samantha and Ben will attend the Temple PRSSA meeting and report back to us as well as take pictures.

ACTION ITEM: Samantha and Ben will email media to Abbey for the website.

  • The April meeting date will be Monday April 27th. Officers for next year must be a member of the PRSSA. Abby will email those who are active parts of the organization.

ACTION ITEM: Abbey will send out an email informing those who are a part of the PRSSA.

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