Meeting Minutes//November 12 General Meeting

PRSSA General Meeting Minutes 11/12

In Attendance: Chris Mullin, Alura Neumeyer, Isabella O’Hare, Julia Neff, Josephine Mueller, Jaylin Redman

Starting Off…

  • Alura runs down the list of events for Spring 2021- she has reached out to a few speakers that  have agreed to be a part of the events
  • Chris talked to others in the department about a job fair for the PRSSA, it includes cost but would be a great event and Lisa is willing to sponsor it.
  • Chris got 2 responses on LinkedIn for the alumni panel, we do not want more than 3 or 4 on the panel, Chris has some other people in mind to contact.
  • Chris will contact Jeremy a reporter and Phil Lee from Verizon to join Lindsay and Rachel (will probably held on a Tuesday in March preferably at 6)
  • The career fair will be held in March or April, hopefully can be held partially on campus
  • Julia and Isabella will work on getting more people involved with PRSSA

Next Event: Speaker on Tuesday, November 17th at 4pm

Next Meeting: December 3rd at 5pm

Contact Information

Instagram: @arcadiaprssa

Website: (Sign up for the newsletter!)

Alura Neumyer’s Email:

Chris Mullin’s Email:

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