Meeting Minutes//Officer Meeting//October 29

Officer Meeting Minutes 10/29

In Attendance:

Chris Mullin, Alura Neumeyer, Isabella O’Hare, Julia Neff, Jaylin Redman, Katherine Haines

Starting off…

  • Chris runs down the guidelines for being on the executive board of the PRSSA.
  • Alura talks about the website and what we can add to it.. Examples are newsletters, photos,etc.
  • More involvement in the social media aspect of PRSSA and event coverage.

Talking about next semester…

  • How can we get more people involved? Isabella helps with the Arcadia Knights website and can try to get more athletes involved.
  • In the case that we get on campus, we can put up flyers and have physical advertising. This can be the duty of the PR directors.
  • Some event ideas such as a resume builder, a job fair with more communications related jobs, connecting Arcadia alumni with current students, mock interview event, health care panel, guest speaker.

Final Notes

We will have a Group Me that Alura will email to everyone.

Next General Meeting

November 12th 2020 at 5pm

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