Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

Samantha Glass

Samantha Lori Glass is the first President of Arcadia University’s Public Relations Student Society of America. She is a Senior Media and Communications Major with a concentration in Screen Media and also an Honors student. She has had experience with filming short films, public relations and media at John Robert Powers Philadelphia, and has worked as a news intern at Fox 29 Philadelphia.  Her goal is to set the foundation of this new chapter to allow it to flourish throughout the years, as well as grow membership numbers. 

Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss is a senior media & communications major with a concentration in public relations. He is the first Vice President of PRSSA Arcadia. His role in the Arcadia Chapter is to help engage with fellow PRSSA Arcadia members about the exciting world of public relations. He assists the President with all duties and helps run the meeting functions. Along with that, he accompanies the President to PR events hosted by PRSA in the Philadelphia area. His goals for the chapter are to spread awareness about the public relations world, and educate members about the exciting opportunities given while in the chapter. He hopes to see more engaging events for members and broaden our horizons as our chapter is brand new.  

Abigail Benn

Abigail Benn is the first Public Relations Director for the Arcadia PRSSA. She is a Senior Media and Communications major, with a concentration in Public Relations. Her functions within the chapter are creation of the website and social media accounts, content creation, and marketing for the brand and events. She has had two internships at Philadelphia-based start-up company goPuff, one in the marketing and one in the communications department. She has learned a great deal there and has been able to bring to knowledge back to the Arcadia PRSSA. She is very passionate about PR and hopes to bring her enthusiasm for the subject into the organization. She also wants to help build up the chapter and make it into something that students can enjoy for years to come!

Jaylin Redman

Jaylin is the Secretary & Treasurer for the Arcadia Chapter.